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Every year a hot rising actor will shave his hair, don on the camouflage uniform, and bid his fans adieu to live a reverse life surrounded not by screaming women, but by grunting men who are also doing their service to the nation. We recently got Lee Jun Ki and Hyun Bin back, and Super Junior members seem to be taking each other’s places as they take their turn serving the country. We also had to deal with Shinhwa not quite being whole for a few years, and now they’re back and more bromantic than ever. In May, we will soon be having Song Joong Ki back, which will be a cause for celebration. The Korean military always takes our sweetest boys away from us. If they didn’t return them in two years as bustling manly men, this would be a “Noona DISapproved” post. But now for 2014, it might be too much to bear because they will be taking some of Korea’s cred: soompi..
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