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Actor Choi Jin-hyeok spoke about going to the army. He was interviewed by eNEWS recently, in a café in Seoul and he said, "Any Korean man has to go to the army. I'll be back in a jiff". "Of course I am happier than when I didn't have any work but I am exhausted from working on "Gu Family Book", "The Heirs" and now "Emergency Couple" in a row for a year and a half now. I want to do one more before I serve in military though". Choi Jin-hyeok passed the policeman recruiting stamina test and interview with flying colors. He's going to serve in national service this year and will be a member of the Seoul District Police Promotions Unit whistle theater team. Choi Jin-hyeok said, "I've always wanted to do musicals. I've been scared to do dramas or movies and musicals at the same time. I am happy to be able do it while serving National duty". Meanwhile, Choi Jin-hyeok has become the new romance comedy king thanks to the tvN drama "Emergency Couple" which ended recently. Good Luck oppa we will miss you terribly <3 cr. to Hancinema
I miss you my Hot Chocolate :'( shirrrrrrrrrrooooooo :'(
@ameliasantos10 @christy no i am not ready i want him to stay there and not leave just do more and more a lot more of dramas plzzzzz
ur right.. lol
@nylamrehs i am sure he will come back handsome like always don't worry!! i think 2 years just depends on how the industry are! whether there's many new cute faces or not >< hahahha
one of our korean man is going to the army again.. sad coz I'll miss him and his dramas.. anyway.. he said he is gonna do 1 more project before going to the army... that is awesome.. atleadt he is giving us a keepsake.. lol .. 2 years is nothing.. just come back healthy and still handsome.. lol.. we will all be waiting for ur return... :)
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