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Standing Half Forward Bend/Half Way Lift (Ardha Uttanasana) (are-dah oot-tan-AHS-anna) Note: You could also place your fingertips or hands on the floor or on blocks and/or bend your knees slightly. Keep a long spine by gazing in-between your hands. Anyway variation you choose, you get the same benefits...YAY! Benefits: -Stretches the front torso, hamstrings, calves, and hip -Strengthens the back, thighs, & knees & improves postur -Stimulates the belly/core muscles, liver and kidney -Calms the brain and helps relieve stress & mild depression
Wow, it really relieves stress! Funny, because I do this when I'm feeling flustered to calm down but didn't realize why until now!
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YAY! I also like moving from here to a forward fold and let me torso hang heavy down towards the ground. I'll put a picture up of that soon!
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@fallingwater~ I just put up the standing forward fold pose....check it out!
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@curateyoga great!! thank you so much I'll check it out now :)
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