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Yoga Pose of the Week: Dancer's Pose: (Natarajasana)
Dancer's Pose: (Natarajasana) (Nah-tah-rah-JAH-suh-nuh) Benefits: develops balance and focus, improves flexibility of the lower back, opens the chest and lungs allowing fresh oxygen to flow in Remember, when surrounded by beautiful scenery, or just stepping outside your front door, honor your own light in that space and watch the clouds clear away... Tank top: Spiritual Gangster Recycled Yoga Pants: teeki
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Thank you very much! 
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everything about this is so peaceful, will try to take in the world a little more this week :)
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@fallingwater~ thanks so much for sharing that! This is in Kauai, Hawaii and it was so peaceful. Only sounds you could hear were the birds!
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