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Listen to this beautiful showcase of classical Chinese instruments by the China National Orchestra. They welcomed Katy Perry on a visit to China earlier this year by performing her Top 40 hit "Roar." It's incredible! Katy Perry was moved to tears, and I can definitely see why! China has a rich musical tradition that spans thousands of years. Musical instruments were traditionally classified into 8 categories known as bayin (八音). The eight categories are: 1) Silk (string) 2) Bamboo (woodwind) 3) Wood 4) Stone 5) Metal 6) Clay 7) Gourd 8) Hide There are other instruments which may not fit these classifications. This classification of instruments was one of the first musical classifications ever. Anyone know how to play any of these instruments? =)
WOW! That was fantastic! Makes me proud to be Chinese-American =D
This was so... GREAT! I LOVE this rendition of the song!
@gabyrich I can see why Katy Perry was moved to tears. There something about the sound these different instruments make that makes my heart flutter~
i feel like @nokcha should check this out too :)
@peteryang292 @fallingwater seems we are all in agreement....this is too cool~~
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