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For those of you who have played Resogun, this is a very familiar site! If you have not played Resogun, you should! Resogun is an indie developed game found exclusively on the Playstation 4. The game puts a new spin on games like Space Invaders and Galaga. However, the game is a side scrolling 3D version of it's predecessors with some pretty impressive graphics to go along with it.
whats the storyline or goal of the game? im not familiar with it
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@mcgraffy It's one of the first indie games on the PS4 and was the first game available for free on the PS4. Very much like an arcade game, so not much storyline. Think Galaga or Space Invaders in's a video
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@TeamWaffles looks like a good time, thanks for the link
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@mcgraffy No problem
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