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I heard two things that literally set me on fire 1. There was an American navy ship (something like that) that had been there and called the president for permission to help the sinking ship. Permission not granted 2. Rather than saving the people on board they were trying to stop the oil spill __ 1. You shouldn’t need to ask permission to rescue anyone be it your nations people or another’s. You see someone that needs help like let’s day they fell you don’t call your mother and say “hey mom is it okay if I help this person?” And if your mother says no you don’t just go “sorry, good luck with that” No. You don’t. 2. What’s more important? An oil spill or the rescue of humans? I’m not sorry these issues should be addressed. I’m not even sure if these two things even happened, I was informed through a Korean friend. But even if it didn’t happen, these issues should be addressed Should you have to ask permission before helping or rescuing anybody And which is the priority? Human life or the prevention of an oil spill I mean something similar to this night happen in the future; better know who comes first.
I live in USA, and feel full of shame, about how my country leave this happens. .without any concern.
Breaks my heart...
is a shame, please ..but the true is broke the rules between countries, sometimes is more problems.then im not agree with USA actions, but I understand. .
terrible. My heart goes out to all the parents and families
so sad :(
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