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YiSoo : Oh! my YongHwa! DoJin : My YongHwa..??? YiSoo : Oh..Can I pick up Jung YongHwa?? SeRa : Please lend me some money. I know that you are the last person who want to lend money to me but there's no one who have money like you.. MinSuk : Do you still want to keep your pride? A spoiled girl.. MeARi: Do you like Yoon oppa? Why do you talk something I don't know? DoJin : What's wrong? If you need my help, don't hesitate to ask. MinSuk : I like here. JungRok : Park MiSuk is here!!! Yoon : Did she know?? YiSoo : Will you go out with me? Right? I want a relationship which can make people jealous.. DoJin : ..Like this? Teacher Seo?
only 8 episodes to go... can we ask for an extension?...:)
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This drama is realistic and i love to see the four guys with their sense of humour! Kim Ha Neul is gorgeous.
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don't forget to follow the live recap ep 13 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you,v3sia.
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