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In september 2012 we organized a one of a kind charity concert – with a 100 year old chestnut tree as the musician. For him we built a unique instrument: a touch-sensitive membrane construction, tailor-made to fit the tree. Each impact of a falling chestnut produced an artistic composition of sound and light. Original sounds of the tree (rustling of leaves, groaning branches) became part of the composition. So the tree could play for his companions and collect donations. The installation was located at the heart of Berlin near the famous “Hackesche Höfe“ with thousands of passerbys each day. Additionally, posters all over the city promoted the event as well as social media activities (facebook, twitter). Local and national media (newspapers, TV and radio stations) and hundreds of blogs took up the subject, attracting even more visitors. Every donation channel was linked to an incentive: - The tree thanked every SMS-donor with a personal message - Online donors received an exclusive dowonload track - After the concert Berlin star-DJ Robot Koch produced a remix which continues to raise funds URL: The Ambient Advert titled Tree Concert was done by BBDO Berlin advertising agency for product: Friends Of The Earth (brand: Bund Friends Of The Earth Germany) in Germany. It was released in the Jun 2013.
@imliz Thank you for your comment :) I think so too these promotion is awesome!
@strawberrychip Aren't they? This is such a great idea!
@pineapplejuice What was the purpose of this tree concert?
Whoever thought of this is really creative~
@pineapplejuice Thanks for sharing.. This was really interesting and inspiring at the same time!