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As of now, there’s no news of this drama being pushed back further so I still expect it to premiere on April 28th. As thus, promotions are in full gear and we’ve received posters depicting the four main cast in their roles. Scruffy Kang Ji Hawt or Sleek Kang Ji Hwat? True, they are both hawt but I pick a man in a suit any day… okay, most days because I can’t pass up casual-sexy. On another note… is it just me or is there some weird photoshopping of his nose in this photo? Character Posters: Kim Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) He’s a man whose life changes when he learns he’s a heir to the Hyunsung Group. He later discovers that it was a lie told to steal his heart (?) so he seeks revenge. So Mi Ra (Lee Da Hee) The Hyunsung Group chauffeur’s daughter who works in their home. I expect her to be loved by both the real and fake heirs. Kang Dong Seok (Choi Daniel) The cunning, ruthless, sole male heir to the Hyunsung Group. Kang Jin Ah (Jung So Min) Spoiled, little, rich heiress to the Hyunsung Group.
i know sis @christy u love this namja skills and smile :-P
Yeah sis@MasriDaniela i am a big fan for Daniel so happy that he is back again to small screen
wooowww @christy look