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Sometimes being a K-drama fan can be a lonely road. Your friends and family don't understand your obsession, so they say things that drive you crazy! Here's how we feel when people say obnoxious things about our favorite shows: 1. Me when someone says, "Aren't those just like soap operas?" (from Heirs) 2. When my mom says, "That guy looks like a girl." (from I Need Romance 3) 3. What I do when someone says, "Anything with subtitles is too boring." (from Protect the Boss) 4. What I want to do when someone says, "American shows are way better." (from Take Care of the Young Lady) 5. Me when my best friend says, "You should come out this weekend and meet real people!" (from The Master's Sun) 6. How I feel when someone says, "Why are you learning Korean? You're never going to Korea." (from Dream High) 7. Me when someone asks, "Why are you so worked up over a fictional character?" (from Heirs) 8. When someone asks, "Is that the same character? Everyone looks the same!" (from Emergency Couple) 9. What I say when someone nags, "How long have you been watching that show? Shouldn't you do something productive? (from I Need Romance 3) 10. But then, that magical moment when you discover someone else who watches K-dramas: (from Heirs)
Hahahhaha..i can relate to this..Love it!
good card!!
Wow! so true
Love this card馃槣
#8 is somewhat true lol i get confuse in how they resemble each other smtms ;) <3
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