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Cherry Blossoms in New York
The blossoms are finally out here in NYC! It took us a long time but spring is finally coming our way. What are the spring flowers like where you live?
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@caricakes i am guessing they are still there in NYC? for Seoul everything is all green now.. so i guess it's pretty in its own way but i miss all the flowers :( and i wish I could visit the botanical garden with you guys @saharhyunjoong hehe~
@ameliasantos10 yess we still have cherryblossom everywhere i dk abt city but in brooklyn they r still here nd sooo pretty anx what u said was just 2 sweet i wish we can go 2 botanical garden tgthr 2 lets hope one day inshaallah :-)♥
@saharhyunjoong i am jealous!and yes let's hope one day we will get to go to the botanical garden together :)