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In the first episode of Angel Eyes, Park Dong Joo(played by Kang Ha Neul) gave Yoon Soo Wan(played by Nam Ji Hyun) his phone number. Previously, Dong Joo cried in front of Soo Wan after understanding her difficulties and pain through a visual impairment experience. Soo Wan opened up her mind to him and said, “That’s enough pity I’ll receive from you. But I know it’s not just a pity on me so thank you.” Dong Joo replied, “I don’t have pity on people. I don’t have time for that.” He then saved his number on her phone and said, “Press 3 and you’ll be able to call me.” Before Dong Joo left, he shouted, “My name is Dong Joo! Park Dong Joo!” Soo Wan answered, “Mine’s Soo Wan. Yoon Soo Wan.”