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In the first episode of Angel Eyes, Yoon Soo Wan(played by Nam Ji Hyun) kissed Park Dong Joo(played by Kang Hae Neul) on the lips. Dong Joo said to Soo Wan, “My mom said you’re too good for me, she wants you as her own daughter rather than her son’s girlfriend.” Soo Wan replied, “I want to be your girlfriend.” Dong Joo was surprised and asked, “Do you even like me though?” Just then, Soo Wan kissed him on the lips. Dong Joo was overjoyed and shouted, “Yay! I have a girlfriend!”
hhhhh so jealousy that u have a girlfriend to spend easter with I don't have a a boyfriend hhhhh
:) Love this drama!! She has gotten sooo beautiful!!! Omo!!