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Komodo island in Komodo National Park is recently chosen as one of UNESCO's Seven New Wonders of Nature. This place is very famous for its Komodo Dragon and Pink Beach which is named after its pink beach color. This island has been intact for a long time but it became popularized by Sail Indonesia 2011 on June with more than 100 yachts from multiple countries. If you are interested in Komodo tour, visit Komodotheedge.com which provides a tour package departing from Bali. It is about one hour flight from Bali. The tour package will allow you to experience Savanna, Komodo Dragon encounters and scuba diving to wonderful deep sea. Compare this with other best beaches in Indonesia and other UNESCO's new wonders. Best beaches in Indonesia series #1: Hidden Islands in Bangka-Belitung http://www.vingle.net/posts/31739 One of UNESCO 7 World's Wonders of Nature http://www.vingle.net/posts/28877
@sujanrai1: agree! what is your best beach in Indonesia?
Great place to spend holidays
w0w! now the last photo looks different!
Komodo is the largest dragon on earth. Its saliva is poisonous and one bites can kills a cow, human included.
I do! that's my favorite :)
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