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Had sushi the other night for dinner and it was yummy!!
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@samrusso716 ....i cant really recall the names b/c the menu had pics so i pointed to what i wanted, lolz...but let me take a guess i believe they were scallop rolls, hawaiian roll, shrimp tempura roll, and eel roll @gabyrich im glad you like (*_*) @TeamWaffles you're too funny, im soo happy that i do, lolz
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i want to try and make rolls again
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@mrjockX dont remind me b/c your rolls looked terrible!! now you got me cracking up again!! hahahahahahahhahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!
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see thats just mean @cheerfulcallie
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@mrjockX nah, they tasted good but they just looked really bad, hahaha!!!
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