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10 Common Words and Phrases in Turkish Love Songs
If you're unfamiliar with Turkish music or the Turkish language, I've made this list of 10 words and phrases you're likely to hear in Turkish love songs! 1. Aşk 2. Sevgilim 3. Kalbim 4. Seni Seviyorum 5. Tatlım 6. Canım 7. Aman 8. Hayat 9. Ayrılık 10. Güzel If anyone has any other words or phrases they can suggest, please comment below!
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@esraozcelik376 @DORFA0000 thank you for sharing! Does the suffix -ım then make a noun possessive? I noticed that suffix in canım and tatlım.
@peteryang292 I'm really enjoying this collection~ If I didn't find your posts here I don't think I would ever have the opportunity to listen to Turkish love songs.. Thank You
Interesting! The word for love sounds a lot like ishq, the word for love in many languages like farsi and urdu