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The Carolina rig has always seemed to me that it's not enough to just know how to rig it, but you really gotta pay attention to the little details of what and where your fishing. I guess that applies to any rig though. This video gives some tips about paying attention to your coverage, wind speeds, and where the bass seem to be biting so that you can really get a lot of bites while c-rigging. If bass are feeding, you gotta get out the larger baits like the crawlers or lizards and heavy tackle and then c-rig them so you can grab some bigger fish. This'll usually happen when its overcast and the water is a little warm. If they're not, though, you should aim for more, let's say finesse and use a smaller minnow or other small bait. This is more for when a cold front has come through, the skies are clear, and the bass aren't feeding. Really, though, there are so many different variations for Carolina rigging--the main point of the rig is the ability to adjust it to any different situation that you may want to catch some fish in. Are there any conditions you aren't sure what to rig up in? (To learn more about basic carolina rigging, check here:
@happyrock @fallingwater im learning all the time too you know. thanks
@mcgraffy so much to learn!!!!
as always, you've taught me something new :) thanks @mcgraffy