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Common name: Yellow Perch Native. ID: Distinct serrated lower end of tail, top of tail more curved than walleye's, seven blackish bars on its sides, yellow color, two separated dorsal fins. Life cycle: Usually spawns not long after walleyes, after ice thaws out in April or early May before the waters warm up too far about 50ºF. Average adult size 4-10 inches, and 5-10 ounces, but much variation exists. Prolific breeders, which can inhibit offspring size. Image 3 shows some spawning areas in the Lakes, and image 4 shows a great sized yellow perch. Feed on: Minnows, insects, plankton, worms, crayfish, eggs/young of other species. Predators: Bass, walleye, northern pike Where to find them: Bottom feeders that bite slowly, and prefer cooler water so deep water up to 30 feet is usually a good spot to fish. A jigging rod will be needed to get them going in the winter, but a simple line can work well in summer and fall months when they'll be in shallower waters. Usually found in schools that can number into the hundreds. Common sport for ice fishing in the winter.
@JustinRussell That's awesome, but yeha real surprsing hahaha. Hope it was a nice day fishing!
I caught a perch that was probably ten inches maybe twelve and a lb easy. on a moonshine 3/4 oz spoon while going for big steelhead. blew my mind. wish I had a camera.
@nisfit @teamwaffles it sure can be but theres something great about the whole experience
@mcgraffy @teamwaffles I feel like thats a lot of effort for a few bites of fish :)
@TeamWaffles absolutely--one of my favorite fish to keep and prepare
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