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Actor Oh Ji Ho revealed his fondness towards Ha Ji Won. On the show "Jewelry House" which aired on the 5th, he was asked the question, "Who is the actress you want to work with?" and his answer was, "I want to work with Ha Ji Won, who I worked with in the movie, 'Sector 7". He also said, "There wasn't much in the movie between Ha Ji Won and I so it would be fun if we did a romantic comedy piece together. I really want to work with her again." To this the MC, Jung Bo Suk asked to lure him into a scandal, "If the time comes of you living with her under one roof and eating breakfast together, would you accept?" and to this question, he answered, "For me, its an honor" which made everyone burst into laughter. Lastly, Jung Bo Suk asked Oh Ji Ho, "Can you send Ha Ji Won a video message?" and Oh Ji Ho did without any hesitation. In the message he said, "Ji Won, we haven't talked for a while, but sorry I couldn't make it to your movie preview for "Korea" and I love you."
haha,,lot of actots in korea,,likes ha ji won soo much,,soo amazing
what's the use of such a confession when she's still alone?,,,,:(
like this one..:)) @1023_ash ji won is really admirable..