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Napping Buddies Beau and Theo
Meet Beau and Theo, the inseparable napping buddies. Jessia Shyba began taking photographs of Beau (her son) and Theo after they adopted him at the Santa Cruz SPCA. The inseparable pair doze off with arms and legs wrapped around each other, lying side by side or on top of each other. There's a clear sense of unconditional love between them.
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@sjeanyoon I <3 Theo and Beau
4 years ago·Reply
Adorable. #4 and #10 are my favorite
4 years ago·Reply
@flymetothemoon my favorite has to be #7. it looks like they passed out after a boxing match.
4 years ago·Reply
#10 is my favorite.
4 years ago·Reply
omg sooo precious this two!:)
4 years ago·Reply