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Hello Vinglers, Thanks to your priceless feedback, the Vingle App's mobile writing feature has progressed a lot! We have been working hard to make this feature available not only for beta testers but for every single Vingler. And now, the good news! We have set the official launch date for our mobile writing feature. On May 1, update your iOS and Android Vingle app, and you'll be able to start posting cards from your mobile device. The Vingle Team would like to extend it's appreciation to all the beta testers of our mobile writing feature. With your help and feedback, many new features have been added. You can now: 1. Edit your card 2. Save your card as a draft 3. Expand photo preview size while uploading a photo to your card 4. Use the Vingle-it button on Android. As you read this card, the Vingle Team is still working hard to ensure our latest update makes our service more stable than ever. For those wishing to use the Vingle mobile writing feature before May 1st, however, we encourage you to reach out to your fellow Vinglers who have already received an invitation, including your Vingle Interest Editors. Interest Editors, as of this announcement, were sent 5 additional invitations to share with their fellow Vinglers :) Thank you! - Vingle Team
I had fun using this to update my Fit Diary collection. I'm glad other Vinglers will be able to use it! I have invitations left if anyone cant wait :) PM me~
This is great, I can't wait to post cards on the go
Awesome! Looking forward to the update!
niceeee :) glad to see new features!
Cool!! I got to try this out since someone shared an invite with me :)
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