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Listen to this fantastic performance of "Flight of the Bumblebee" by talented young Chinese musicians. They are using the yangqin (扬琴) to re-create the famous Russian interlude. The yangqin is known in English as the Chinese hammered dulcimer, which is a stringed musical instrument with the strings stretched over a sounding board. To make sound, a musician strikes the strings with small mallet hammers held in each hand. Hammered dulcimers are popular not only in China but across the Asian continent all the way to Eastern Europe. How the dulcimer was introduced to China is contested. There are three theories: 1) It was introduced by land, through the Silk Road 2) It was introduced by sea, through the port of Guangzhou (Canton) 3) It was invented without foreign influence by the Chinese themselves Does anyone familiar with the yangqin have their own theories about its origins?
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@Sjeanyoon my cousin started learning when she was probably around 8 or 9--she's 17 now, so I would imagine a very long time!
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@peteryang292 wow.. She must be really good now! I wish I learned to play an instrument....
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@peteryang292 @sjeanyoon @strawberrychip it's amazing what learning from when you're young can do for you!
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@onesmile agreed!!
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