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In order to finish choosing the type of fishing gear you want to use, you'll also have to consider if you want to use a spinning or a bait casting reel. This will affect the guides on your actual pole as well. Spinning reels and bait caster reels have a lot of basic differences: in general, bait caster reels can provide more accuracy and more options for lure casting, and are favored by professionals on the circuit. They can also handle a lot bigger equipment, whereas spinning reels tend to be ultra light. Overall, many recommend that beginners start with spinning reels, as they are easier to learn to control with accuracy than bait casters. The way to really see and understand the difference between these two reels is in action: check out videos 2-4 to learn more about bait caster reels. Video 5 tells you about using a spinning reel, and video 6 outlines one mans view on which reel prevails. After watching how to use each of these reels, you can make an informed decision about which kind of reel you want. Next time I'll talk about making sure that reel matches your pole.
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@fallingwater there's lots of video tutorials out there in addition to these one's as well so that can help though @happyrock has put quite a few here ha
@mcgraffy @happyrock awesome, I'll check those out. thanks for being so patient with me lol
@fallingwater ask away whenever you've got a question haha
Awesome! I really don't know anything about rods but all these tutorials explained the differences really well!
@nokcha glad they helped :)