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Sukabumi regency in West Java is home to plenty of gorgeous natural attractions such as the rather mystical Pelabuhan Ratu beach, Ujung Genteng beach famous for its sea turtle hatches and the beautiful, greenish-colored waterfall Curug Cikaso. But perhaps not many people realize that Sukabumi also has a site with what are considered the oldest stones in the province. According to geologists, various old rocks found in Ciletuh Bay are proof of a prehistoric sea trench that was formed when the oceanic plate subducted beneath the continental plate during the Cretaceous period about 50 to 65 million years ago. To find these ancient stones, one must venture to Ciletuh Bay on the Indian Ocean -- about six to seven hours by car from Bandung. After arriving in Ciletuh Bay, tourists usually make their first stop at Mandra Island, an uninhabited island with wild plants covering a hilly greywacke sandstone landscape. Where the turquoise sea hits the sandstone, incredible formations take shape, including a natural fortress, a famous black boulder locally known as Batu Nunggul and the brown sandy Legon Pandan Beach. Nearby Kunti Island is also a geologic wonder, containing formations of pillow lava from an underwater volcanic eruption millions of years ago. The pillow-like stacks show the original direction of the lava flow. Other types of rock with different shapes, patterns and colors constitute the island, often topped with colorful umang (snails). There is also a cave filled with guano from the bats that inhabit it. Besides its geologic wonders, Ciletuh Bay has beautiful waterfalls called Curug Cimarinjung and Curug Kanteh. Though both offer the same picture-perfect view, the latter is easier to reach due to more developed access road and paths. A nearby warung (food stall) is always full of local youths ready to serve as tour guide. Where to sleep Lodging is not yet available in Ciletuh Bay, but you can stay with locals in their homes. What to eat Expect fish to be the main menu item during your visit to Ciletuh Bay. Fresh, clean water is abundant in the area. How to get there Ciletuh Bay is about six to seven hours by car (or approximately 225 kilometers) from Bandung. From the West Java capital city, pass through Sukabumi, Bagbagan in Pelabuhan Ratu and Ciemas before reaching Ciletuh.
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