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10 Qualifications for Creative Leader / David MacKenzie Ogilvy
1.High standards of personal ethics 2.Big people, without pettiness 3.Guts under pressure, resilience in defeat. 4.Brilliant brains - not safe plodders 5.A capacity for hard work and midnight oil 6.Charisma - charm and persuasiveness. 7.A streak of unorthodoxy - creative innovators 8.The courage to make tough decisions. 9.Inspiring enthusiasts - with trust and gusto. 10.A sense of humor
@DanD I've got mixed feelings about Ogilvy and Mather. I've heard the are the 'good ole boys of the advertising world' and are generally not the best people to work with. This is just what I've heard from some friends' personal experiences though...
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@TeamWaffles First, Thank you so much your comment. I agree your opinion and this is just reference. Not FORMULA. haha
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That has given me a clear head start on reaching my goal.
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@TeamWaffles advertising can be an exciting industry to be a part of--but only if you're with the right people and at the right agency!
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@gabyrich That seems to be the trend. You have to find your fit
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