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Wonderful and not-so-wonderful things can happen once we get married or enter a long-term relationship. We learn what it means to love. We learn what it means to bargain for chores. And we sometimes learn what it means to get fat. Putting on weight when we’ve been with the same guy for an extended period is not an unusual thing. Sure, it can happen if we turn to emotional eating to comfort ourselves if the relationship turns sour. But it can also happen if we are perfectly content. Why We Get Fat Several factors can contribute to our expanding waistline: Less time to be anal about our diet. Heck, we’d rather be out enjoying ourselves with our mate than spending time picking through kale and Brussels sprouts. Besides, the cute guy who mans the veggie section at the whole foods store no longer serves as a draw. Lazy with our exercise. Same scenario here. We’d rather be watching TV or hanging out with our beau than running to nowhere on the treadmill. And again, hot guys at the gym are no longer reason to actually go there. Lazy with our looks. He says he loves us no matter what. So we take advantage of that fact by paying less attention to diet, hair and wardrobe. It’s suddenly OK to haul around a few extra pounds while wearing sweats and showing dark roots at the part. Slipping into shoddy eating habits. This is a big one and a very dangerous one, especially if your guy is one of those metabolic superheroes who can eat anything he wants without gaining weight. Slipping into bad eating habits often starts slowly and rather unnoticeably. Instead of cringing from potato chips like you used to, you decide to try one or two off your guy’s plate when he has them with every meal. The same thing happens with fries, nachos and meat lover’s pizza. Since eating a bite or two didn’t make you instantly drop dead, you start to have a portion or two without batting an eye. Case closed. End of story. Actually, it doesn’t have to be the end of the story but rather a firm reminder to keep your eating habits healthy. Your body will thank you, and your guy will definitely appreciate that you don’t take up the whole bed or two airplane seats.
So true! I don't usually eat out but now I'm dating I find myself eating a ton because we're going to restaurants ahh!
It's not just dating but I find when I'm abroad, I eat out a lot so I gain weight... which is bad because I spend most of my time abroad!!