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Food cravings are discussed among dieters quite regularly. Every meal is a temptation to cave in and break your diet, so it’s no surprise that dieters need guidance on how to stay strong. The unfortunate truth is that food cravings aren’t something you can get rid of for good. They can be tamed, but they can’t be totally eliminated. Thankfully, the techniques dieters use to tame cravings are easy for everyone. Check out these four handy tricks for subduing your cravings. Carry Gum Often times we crave food just for flavor and not for hunger. In these cases, it’s helpful to have something like a stick of gum on hand. Of course, you should avoid sugary, high calorie gums. Look for gums sweetened with xylitol for the added benefit of decreased tooth decay and better oral health. Savor Each Bite When you sit down to a meal, try to focus on chewing each bite fully, and enjoy the flavors of your food to their fullest. Savoring your food will give your body time to alert you when it’s full, preventing you from overeating. It will also result in a more enjoyable eating experience. Trade Up Do you have a favorite snack that just can’t fit into your diet? Instead of giving it up altogether, consider finding a healthier, and maybe even tastier, option to snack on. Replacing your favorite foods with healthier choices that fill the same craving will help you leave your junk food days in the past. Find a Fun Diversion Sometimes getting a craving off your back is as simple as playing a game, going for a walk, or reading a book. Find an activity that you can focus on when you’re hit with a craving. If you keep yourself occupied, the craving will pass before you know it! These four tricks are my personal favorites. What tips do you have for avoiding food cravings?