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Fame corrupts. There’s do doubt about it. Here is a list of some of the most condescending, demanding, and high maintenance celebrities in Hollywood. Christian Bale Prone to outbursts and rage, Christian Bale has become reputed for his short fuse. A few years ago, he famously went off on a crew member who broke his concentration during a shot. The incident was recorded and went viral, showing the world that Batman is not all good. Val Kilmer The second Batman on the list, Kilmer has reportedly been a terror to work with ever since his first role. He even walked off the set of a hamburger commercial he was filming when he was 12 years old! His attitude is probably a big part of the reason why he barely works these days. Russell Crowe With a bombastic personality like Crowe’s, it’s hard not to step on a few feet. Russell Crowe is almost as famous for his aggressive antics towards producers and crew members as he is for his work in Gladiator. Edward Norton There’s a fine line between dedication and taking oneself too seriously. Edward Norton is very confused about where that line is. He’s reportedly one of the most “dedicated” actors in Hollywood, which means he’s a pompous jerk, and frequently struggles with directors for creative control. Steven Seagal This action hero is not so much a hero off screen. Some former crew members report getting kicked in the groin by Seagal as a result of his tantrums. James Cameron Titanic director James Cameron has been known to tell people to “take a number” when asking to talk to him on set. That’s all that really needs to be said about him…
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