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I can't wait to have a bonfire this summer with friends and family, getting my s'mores ready, (*_*)
@dillonk is that so?? i thought photogram were a little different?? hmm....okay well thanks for sharing the info and im glad you like it (*_*)
@cheerfulcallie Well, good eye in catching that mistake! I get my terms mixed up sometimes. I can't wait to see if you find some good cinemagraphs to post :)
@dillonk you've impress me, your knowledge of photography...and yes, thats what i wanted in my collection not necessary gifs but more so pics with minor moving parts, "cinemagraphs"...
@dilionk yes, they are cinemagraphs, when you mentioned photograms. i thought to myself this is not a photogram b/c ive done a photogram before in darkroom with a light exposure to the photographic paper. so i was a little confuse and assumed maybe you knew something i didnt?? lolz
@cheerfulcallie You are totally right, I meant to say cinemagraph! Cinemagraphs are photographs with a single moving part. Although they are usually in the .gif file format, they usually have more of an aesthetic quality than your ordinary .gif @peteryang292 @mrjockX
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