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WATCH: The new and improved Google Maps
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@warlord88 hurry up b/c your sandwich is gonna get cold and like i told you, i only live down the street from you but in case you get lost this little girl will tell you how to get to my house, please pay attention!! dont forget to go pass the mango tree, hahahahhahaha (*_*)
@warlord88 oh is that right? i thought her directions were pretty straight forward?! dang, im really sorry to hear abt your friends. i guess ill have to remember to upgrade, definitely... (*_*)
@warlord88 forget the sandwiches, ill make your friends dinner if they ever come home...hahahaha!!'
@warlord88 wow, that's pretty sad...4 grown men lost near the north pole?? wow, how the hell that happened?! i told you, i live down the street from you. hmm....you've just proven to me what i always knew to be the truth....AND...what's that you may wonder?? well what else?? men can't take directions very well!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
hahaha oh shit this is how my Mexican homies tell me directions to their house lol