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In this tutorial we will learn how to learn the very popular selective coloring effect. Normally, this technique is used to convert a normal image to black and white while keeping the subject in full color. It's actually really easy to do with a little bit of patience. We will start with a color image, but that isn't necessary because you can add in your own colors to a black and white photograph if you want! We will be using tools covered in previous tutorials within this collection, so if you may need to freshen up on your skills with the selection tool, adjustment layers and layer masks! To create the effect you see here, we will use a Black and White adjustment layer. This tool was first introduced in Photoshop version CS3, so you won't be able to follow the tutorial exactly if you have an earlier version. @nokcha Hope this was what you were looking for! :)
@peteryang292 Have fun! It's a fun skill to learn and start applying to your own photographs :)
@peteryang292 If you ever need help with anything specifically just let me know!
@peteryang292 Cool! I would love to see your work!
@dillonk thanks! I definitely will!
@dillonk I've admittedly haven't had a chance to get to it yet--work has me swamped. But I'm hoping things will settle down so I can dedicate more time to the things I'd like to be doing (like this!)
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