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This pose is also called One-Legged Dog or Downward Facing Dog Split I like to get into this pose by starting off in Downward Facing Dog. If I am going to send my right leg up, I first step my left foot into the center of the mat about 2-3 inches. I firmly plant into that bottom foot and then lift my right leg up, keeping my hips squared to the mat. **Remember to keep an equal amount of weight on BOTH hands and square your shoulders to the mat! Benefits: -Quiets the mind -Strengthens the arms, upper body, and shoulders -Stretches the hamstrings and hip flexors and the entire body -Opens up the hips and ribs -Develops confidence in balance
:) I love using this to loosen up my shoulders...are there any others that might be good for releasing the shoulders??
great move. I often find myself letting one of my shoulders pull back but have been working to fix this while doing this pose
wow this looks really refreshing! although I am already having a hard time with just a downward dog :(