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Da Ran is working hard to hold in her heart that likes Kyung Joon. Mari takes the lead to look for Kyung Joon’s father. On the other hand, Yoon Jae’s father is back in Korea to look for Kyung Joon and meets up with Kyung Jae (Yoon Jae’s body with Kyung Joon’s soul)... Kyung Joon is working hard to live as Yoon Jae for the possibility there is no going back, and Da Ran is figuring out her feelings for Kyung Joon which took a long time because she’s dense but not because she’s in denial. Judging from the preview, Da Ran finally figured out her heart and isn’t going to look back on the Yoon Jae ship that sailed
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and this will be if the end is happy
Lovestar,i dont want to be disappointed. Its so unfair if wetake on a ride if they dont end up together. Thanks for this,im hoping to read more soon.
thank you!! <3
you are welcome
If the body got switch back both kyung joon n da ran will get hurt