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Sporty Pastels
If you don't love the cutesy look of pastels, you can always tone it down with cropped graphic sweater. SWEATSHIRT: CHOIES SKIRT: STRADIVARIUS BAG: PARFOIS HAT: H&M FLATS: ZARA
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@onesmile Shopping!! I'm down to go anytime!!
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 we will hahha @imliz
4 years ago·Reply
@imliz @onesmile get one soon! so you can wear them for the summer! ahah and i would totally recommend a cute flower pattern snapback! those are so cute and you can wear them with a summer dress too!
4 years ago·Reply
just bought a skirt like this in navy :)
4 years ago·Reply
@andwabiwabi Oh~ Please share! Where did you get it?
4 years ago·Reply