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Ishtar and Los Niños de Sara have been seminal in the development of world music as a genre and are some of my favorite musicians. Together, they make the group Alabina, which in 1996 released their first self-titled album, "Alabina," an album that still excites Latin / Arabic fusion lovers today. ISHTAR is an Israeli singer of Egyptian and Moroccan descent. She speaks and sings in Arabic, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and English. Ishtar began performing in clubs at age 15 and continued even while serving in the Israeli army. LOS NIÑOS DE SARA are cousins from Nîmes, France, who have been playing together since they were 14 years old. Described as a cross between the Gipsy Kings and Buena Vista Social Club, the group blends rumba and flamenco music and features a touch of North African influence. Ishtar was born Eti Zach, but chose the stage name "Ishtar," a Mesopotamian goddess, because her grandmother called her Ester, which "with her Egyptian accent it sounded like Ishtar," she said. In Spanish, "Los Niños de Sara" means "Sara's children." Both songs on this card are from their 1996 album. Hope you enjoy! They're incredibly fun to dance to!
@gabyrich thank you for posting this! The entire album is a true world music gem
aaahhhhh I LOVE this album! Listened to it as a kid! Definitely a classic!
@gabyrich haha of course! I grew up on music like this!
@peteryang292 @cityofkyle so glad you both agree. Nice to see younger people still enjoy to good-old stuff