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I really, really like this song because of the traditional instruments and sounds it incorporates. It's definitely worth a listen! I did some research and think the instrument used here that sounds like a bagpipe is a zurna, which is native to Anatolia and the Middle East. @esraozcelik376 @DORFA0000 can you confirm that for me, please? =) ENGLISH LYRICS: How fast my heart beats when I'm with you, listen. The night burns with your fire, it can't be resisted. With your miracle I was reborn in your hands And I saw my destiny in your eyes. But just like everything that is new Is this only a one-day wonder? Or is it our destiny? Will time tell us our reality? Secret dates over and over again, But for now we should hide it. If anyone asks, whatever, If anyone sees, we're just friends. Our hearts are going to explode, But for now we should keep quiet. If anyone asks, we'll lie, If anyone sees, we're just friends. TURKISH LYRICS: Nasıl atıyor kalbim seninle dinle Dayanamaz yanar gece ateşinle Mucizenle yenilendim ellerinde Kaderimi gördüm sanki gözlerinde Ama yeni her şey gibi Buda anlık heves mi? Yoksa kaderimiz mi? Zaman söyler mi gerçeğimizi Gizli saklı buluşmalar Ama şimdi saklamalıyız Soran olursa neyse ne Ya gören olursa sadece arkadaşız Kalplerimiz patlayacak Ama şimdi susmalıyız Sorana biz yalanlarız Gören olursa sadece arkadaşız.
@esraozcelik376 I would love to travel there someday!
Turkey is now even more beautiful in summer has arrived, let's come to Turkey. =D
I studied abroad in Turkey and heard this song on the radio all the time!
@esraozcelik376 I would go back to Turkey in a heartbeat! I studied at Bogazici University, it was amazing. @fallingwater you definitely should, its a great place!
@cityofkyle @peteryang292 and I to France
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