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The last show I really watched was 'The Walking Dead"...oh lord, oh my, wish me luck everyone, lolz!! Now tell me whats your's??
@pampam93 dang, im jelly you get to have a sexy alien and here i am running away from zombies...i see, i see...but its all good b/c ill be shooting guns and using cross bows in no time. yep, ill be a badass chick like carol and hanging out with darryl, lolz
i just watched star crossed > _ <; hahaha where's my good looking alien?? and sis @cheerfulcallie good luck! hahahahah in the walking dead~
@pampam93 when watching twd i only get bothered when they dont kill off a character who deserves it
@janekhon well i think if you are bothered by characters death then that person has to stay away from game of throne ahahahahah and well how can you get tired of it?! even though one die .. there's always so much more juicier things that happen right after
@pampam93 , @serbshavemofun ..weirdest thing is that Im not getting tired of characters deaths
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