Lee Min Ho’s agency Star Haus entertainment said, “The agency is making the notice for the fans. Actor Lee Min Ho was not invited to the Beijing motor show. Please do not misunderstand any rumors around this.” The statement added, “As you know, actor Lee Min Ho is currently filming the movie Gangnam Blues. For his future activities in China, we will notify you through Weibo.” Previously, a few Chinese newspapers reported that actor Lee Min Ho did not show up on the Beijing motor show. The fans who thought actor Lee Min Ho would show up on the Beijing motor Actor Lee Min Ho explained the rumors that he did not show up on the Beijing motor show. As which is the biggest motor show in China, visited the show in the hopes of meeting him, and went back home angry at realizing that Lee Min Ho was not there. One host in the Beijing motor show lured the fans saying the car in his booth is the model that actor Lee Min Ho advertises, and then said “Unfortunately actor Lee Min Ho could not come to the show today,” and disappointed the fans. In addition, there have been a lot of false online advertisements that promised actor Lee Min Ho’s appearance at the Beijing motor show, confusing the fans.
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you, never know.
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