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Translation: Da Ran: Is now the time for you to just watch him smile? (talking to herself) Choong Shik: Buying the same style of clothes as my noona. Following that haraboji, chasing after him with my brother-in-law, that is all because of Kang Kyung Joon that is laying in the hospital, right? Mari: Let your mind go blank. Da Ran: When my heart is affected by you, I keep feeling guilty towards Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae’s dad: It’s been a long time. Kyung Jae: Yes, father. Se Young: Yoon Jae…..everyone appears to have problems. Yoon Jae might experience things in the future that will cause him much turmoil. Yoon Jae’s mom: Now that I have a daughter-in-law, I saved this up little by little for her. Da Ran: I have no right to accept this. Yoon Jae’s mom: Why? Da Ran: If Yoon Jae returns to who he was before, at that time I will let him go. © 2012, ockoala. All rights reserved. Partial Translation: Da Ran is working hard to hold in her heart that likes Kyung Joon. Mari takes the lead to look for Kyung Joon’s father. On the other hand, Yoon Jae’s father is back in Korea to look for Kyung Joon and meets up with Kyung Jae (Yoon Jae’s body with Kyung Joon’s soul)... Kyung Joon is working hard to live as Yoon Jae for the possibility there is no going back, and Da Ran is figuring out her feelings for Kyung Joon which took a long time because she’s dense but not because she’s in denial. Judging from the preview, Da Ran finally figured out her heart and isn’t going to look back on the Yoon Jae ship that sailed From @lovestar 's card. :)
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