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The new trend of ‘glamping’, or glamorous camping, has started springing up around Bali and Lombok, as well as a new breed of beach hut. Forget cramped, uncomfortable abodes, barely sheltered from the elements and imagine sumptuous beds, stunning seclusion and feeling at one with nature but not necessarily too close for comfort. Jeeva Beloam, Lombok Situated in a private bay in southwest Lombok, in the middle of a 55-hectare nature reserve, Jeeva Beloam has elevated the beach hut to a new level of luxury. Located in probably one of the most perfect beaches on the island, this intimate hotel is the epitome of understated elegance. The resort is off the grid in more ways than one and is completely supported by solar power. Eleven rustically chic beach bungalows are tastefully decorated and have uninterrupted views across the ocean to Sumbawa. Meals are served under the skies in a luxury tent complete with rugs and a library; everything is included here, due to the secluded location of the resort. For those who want to take advantage of the amazing sea that surrounds you, there is stunning diving and snorkeling a small trek away across the headland. For the surfers, the world famous Ekas Bay is close by and of course there is the cobalt calm bay right in front of the bungalow whenever you feel like a dip, or a natural cordoned off ‘sea pool’ at the southern end of the beach. The surrounding beauty and natural reserve can be explored with nature walks or gentle treks. There is a variety of flora and fauna, including monitor lizards, civet cats and water buffalo. Biking is also available and you can even follow the peninsula over to Ekas on a 20-kilometer ride. However, this is a place to really relax away from it all so beach picnics, massages and lazy days are also in plentiful supply. Sandat Glamping, Ubud These elegant tents are perched at the end of the lush rice fields that surround Ubud. Five beautifully constructed tents melded into the countryside in a balanced new eco concept is a stunning addition to Ubud. There are also three sustainably built "lumbung" or traditional small thatched houses that perfectly complement the natural surroundings. Each suite is individually decorated in neutral tones with modern bathrooms as well as touches of European elegance, Balinese artwork and African rustic chic. This eclectic mix carries through to the beautiful open bamboo dining and relaxing areas. The two largest tents also have their own pools that flow from the edge of your private garden straight into the lush surrounding rice fields and forest. This blend of luxury and nature is the perfect way to be immersed within the beautiful countryside around Ubud while experiencing the luxury of a more exclusive hotel. It is definitely not camping in the traditional sense of the word. You can venture out for nature walks or the center of Ubud is a mere 3 kilometers away meaning that it is a convenient base for exploring the town and surrounding areas -- a great option for those who want to feel closer to nature but are not to keen to forgo the luxury of a hotel. Le Pirate Beach Club, Nusa Lembongan Le Pirate Beach Club is a relatively new addition to Nusa Lembongan’s little sister, Nusa Ceningan, and brings a mix of Bermuda and Brighton in the form of their Beach Box Houses. Petite but perfect they are little candy boxes lining the shore of Nusa Ceningan, the small island connected to Lembongan over a rickety wooden bridge. Overlooking the sweeping turquoise lagoon, Le Pirate is a picture-perfect eco hideaway. With only ten rooms it is an intimate place, two bunkrooms make it great for budget travellers or families traveling with children. Only reached by motorcycle over a tiny bridge, down the winding path filled with cows and seaweed drying in the sun, the setting could not get any more idyllic and intimate. Stare out over the lagoon from the saltwater pool and enjoy watching the shadows pass over after sunset and the slow traffic of the seaweed farmers at sunrise. The bar and restaurant serve wonderful juices, cocktails and food so there is no need to venture out if you are not in an adventurous mood. The food is a mixture of excellent local and international dishes with the Mexican tacos and tostadas being divine. All in hues of aquamarine and azure, this beach club, restaurant and hotel is captivating. In addition, they are also respectful of the fragile ecosystem that exists on Nusa Ceningan, especially the lack of water. All the taps and showers are fitted with push buttons to minimize waste, there is no hot water and air con is by request, but feeling the sea breeze is definitely preferable. Waste and ‘grey’ water is recycled and used in the perfect garden and a small hydroponic farm has been set up to provide salads and herbs. Le Pirate Beach Club embodies castaway chic with a bit of Caribbean cool thrown in. It is a perfect sustainable spot for a small getaway to this little slice of paradise. La Cocoteraie, Gili Trawangan, Lombok Another great glamping hotel with an eco ethos has opened in Gili Trawangan, the liveliest of the Gili Islands. This eight-tented resort, however, is a haven of tranquility in the middle of a coconut plantation. Beautifully decorated with a touch of rustic chic, these tents are surrounded by small gardens where fresh vegetables are grown. The crystal clear sparkling sea that the Gili Islands are famous for lies a mere 300 meters away on the north of the island. The main beach is further, but bicycles are provided to explore both the quiet and busy parts of the island. The main area of the resort is for enjoying the communal areas and is a vast traditional building with plenty of areas for relaxing, to read or make use of the restaurant and bar. The Gili Islands possess fantastic snorkeling and diving on your doorstep, explore the underwater world of turtles, parrotfish, reef sharks and a myriad of other tropical fish. Paddle boarding, kayaking and much more is available for those who prefer to keep their head above water. For those searching for more cultural pastimes, there are Gili cooking classes on offer to learn traditional Indonesian dishes, chili content optional.
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