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A Lithuanian man took an old beat-up Mercedes Benz CLK and restored it's interior and exterior using expandable foam and cardboard. Scroll through the pictures to see the whole process. 1.Before and After 2. Laying down expandable foam to give the car a new body. 3. Sculpting 4. Using cardboard stencils for the details 5. Carving out the curves- it's all in the details 6. Installing the headlights. 7. More foam for the interior- chisel and sculpt 8. Restored Interior. Mind is blown away. 9. Backside is gorgeous 10. Front side- speechless
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@ettekeeg Bumblebee?! that's one of my favorite parts of the movie "Battle without honor and humanity"
4 years ago·Reply
@imliz Just saw the scene play out in my head
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@imliz *high 10** Yes!
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@ettekeeg this is more awesome because of all the extra love he puts in
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Good for you Wierd Guy in the German Shepard coat! I love... buy a Hyundai for 8,000 USD, get the foam stuff for 2,000 USD and make the inside and out look like a Ferrari...and sell it on ebay for 150,000 USD... Buyer beware... No Officer its my "rendition of a Ferrari".... its art not FRAUD!....LMAO..... did I already mention the "stray Dog coat"......
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