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@ameliasantos10 hahah right?! it's one thing thinking it, it's a whole new ball game with you turn these thoughts into actions.
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@imliz @pixiececi @ameliasanto10 Isn't it perfectly normal to have these types of feelings?
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@imliz hahahahha oh wow imagining taking these into actions hahaahah @flymetothemoon i mean it's normal but you wouldn't want to walk around and someone can tell that you don't like them hahaha right?
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@amealiasantos10 Point taken. So I can feel it but make sure to not show it?
4 years ago·Reply
@flymetothemoon it's not completely inability to show it but rather there's always a more appropriate way of showing it? rather than having people able to access your thoughts at all time?
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