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i never thght i wd fall for anyothr drama character until this alien dcded to encounter the Earth Hahas Waeyo waegrsaeyo yyyy do this 2 mee oppa yyyy is ur acting just out of dis world and always the Besttt :-)♥♥♥ Saranghhaeopppa :) <3 Finally ended Mlfas Amazing Adventure cant seem 2 move on @ameliasantos10 i finally watched it yayyy dis show is the besttt :) <3 sorry the beg wasn't much but then my friend told me smthng crazy abt oppa kim soo hyun which encouraged and persuade me 2 watch it all and i fully finished it thankuu soooo much i went crazy over it after ep 7 , 8 it just picked up solo much i love it AND I LOVE OPPA ACTING SOOO MUCHHH HE PUT LIVE IN TO HIS CHARACTER ND MADE ME FALL CRAZY 4 IT :) <3 I LOVE MY OPPA HE IS THE BESTT I AM SO SORRRY IF I EVER DOUBTED U BUT IT WASNT U LOL anyways i am totally embarrassed and thrilled 2 build a connection w you again I LOVE YOU <3
best i like
@ameliasantos10 thankuuu i will dose shows out 4 sure :-)
@saharhyunjoong hmmm have you seen cunning single lady? or somthing along that line hahah i don't remember the name exactly but yer and bride of the century was really good too!!!
@saharhyunjoong ahhahahahhaha the ending was pretty fun too ... well atleast before he disappeared T_T and oh god the kiss scene at the red carpet was totally adorable too
@ameliasantos10 :-D which dramas are good now which ones r u watching lol i have found BTS boys to the rescue lol as of now hahas 2 get over dus show hehes ;-)♥ u tell me which shows r u watching :-D and have u seen my card on cheon song yi lol :-D
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