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What does your favorite coffee say about your personality?
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@ameliasantos10 The same drink daily isn't as special; it seems we both need something a little different on special days. Perhaps our bodies become too content, and our minds seek something new to stimulate the senses on these occasions.
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@greggr yes i think that probably describe me best... i just became too content with the same old thing that i have to find ways to make my body more content like drinking macchiato once in a while!
3 years ago·Reply
@jseanyoon a latte? lol why does coffee have to be so difficult now! But I do wanna try Starbucks Green tea iced latte, that sounds good. I actually had to hot one so I guess I like the lattes lol
3 years ago·Reply
where is Mocha?
3 years ago·Reply
@MJ1209Kim mocha falls under cappuccino.
3 years ago·Reply