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It's Hollywood best kept secret go to brand for many celebs for quite sometime now. From John Mayer, Kanye West or even stylish fashion wizard like Nick Wooster also spotted wearing Visvim. Designed by one of the most stylish man in the world (not joking), Hiroki Nakamura, a Japanese fashion designer whose philosophy and concept behind the brand is about a journey. The most famous look from Visvim and success behind the brand came from the line of shoes called "Visvim FTB", the suade shoes with fringe or tassles. It's a combination of Chaka and boat shoes in one. This is not an easy pair to get, it's very in demand, especially in street culture. Mr,Nakamura is not designing and following what's out there, he's designing from what he is all about, what he loves, his great sense of styles and eyes for details were seen through out all of his collections and his understanding of street style cultures are quite strong through out every of his Visvim collections.. When I said creating Visvim is about a journey, I meant a journey of the designer himself finding the most organic look, fabrics, authentic traditional Japanese or East Asian material, concept , silhouettes and details, all to figure and test how he can produces the highest quality and durability of fabrics and indigo, clothing and shoes. At the same time unique, timeless and true to his styles. So, when you take one look at Visvim's clothes, especially indigo, you know they got some serious pieces of indigo and when you look at their shoes, you know they are not like any others and there are not going to be any other brand like it. Visvim's price is quite up there on the high end, but if you what durability, great designs, cultures, philosophy behind the brand and envy from many shoe snobs, get yourself a pair Visvim.
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I love that he has incorporated his roots into the clothing he designs. These shoes are super cool!