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Here are some old pictures I took at the 1994 Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco. Shot entirely on film.
@benard I don't remember the last time I used a film camera. I miss the anticipation/excitiment waiting for the pictures to develop.
@strawberrychip The fun part for me was actually printing the images in the darkroom...developing always seemed a little boring for me. Lol!
@strawberrychip @dillonk Well now you have some stories to tell your grandchildren one day....the very process of it all will sound so alien to them.
@benard it already sounds alien to a lot of kids these days. Film? what's film? I hope I can teach my grankids how to use a film camera and help them understand that you can't see your pictures until you develop them. :D
@Benard Hopefully, if I ever have kids, I will be able to teach my them how to develop film some day..