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If you're looking for a song to use as an alarm in the morning, I would recommend this song! It currently is my alarm, and opens with a beautiful, soft piano. I recognize the woodwind instrument in the back as the duduk--an Armenian instrument that is common in music from Anatolia and the Middle East. If the very beginning of the song doesn't wake you up, the loud rock ballad that kicks in at 00:17 certainly will! Aside from an alarm, this song is definitely worth listening to. Thought the lyrics are a bit lost in translation, the different sounds this song brings together are fantastic! ENGLISH LYRICS: In this attic, it is time for solitude. Where can I search for the "right" of rightful? I should have listened to my mind when it was the time, I was also "trying to forget" you. Unfortunately... In the hunting ground, among the things you left behind, I could return back with empty hands, Or see these days, too. What if you asked about my feelings tomorrow? You disheartened me today! What if I don't say "Stay!" And you stay? Your heart disappeared suddenly... TURKISH LYRICS: Şimdi çatı katında inziva vakti Nerede aranacak haklının hakkı? Dinlemeliydim vaktinde aklı Seni unutmaya çalışmak da varmış ...Maalesef Bana bıraktıklarınla teselli avında Demek ki elleri boş dönmek de varmış, Bu günleri görmek de varmış Yarın hatırımı sorsan ne olur? Bugün hevesimi kırdın bir kere! "Gitme!" Dememle kalsan ne olur? Gönlün çoktan yola çıkmış bir kere!
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@gabyrich I'm surprised you recognized the duduk just from the sound! Yes, the duduk is beautiful and sometimes called the saddest instrument in the world
@cityofkyle yes, haha, I studied ethnomusicology in college... the duduk stuck with me all these years because of its haunting sound
@gabyrich that's awesome! I took an ethnomusicology class on American blues. I know about the duduk because I am part Armenian and very familiar with the cultural elements
@cityofkyle that's so cool that you're familiar with you cultural heritage! I need to get closer to my Chinese roots...
@cityofkyle I hope you liked your ethnomusicology class!