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I never realized how symbolic and important the conch shell was to Hawaiian traditional culture and religion. Called the pu in Hawaiian, today it is used to begin almost any ceremony of importance, most often seen in weddings. Its sound is supposed to ward off the bad and welcome all things good. It is used for both religious and secular symbolism. I really like the idea of warding off the bad. Maybe I should keep a conch around and blow on it when I'm feeling down, haha.
I got married in Hawaii and this was a part of the ceremony.. brings back beautiful memories
could a mini conch work haha?? I think carrying around a large conch to ward off evil might be cumbersomee
@gabyrich how wonderful! I'm glad this brought back good memories!
@fallingwater LOL it might! Don't know how loud it would be though... if size matters, then you might not get all the evil out...!!
@peteryang292 loooks like we are gonna have to research this more :P