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XUN (埙) - A globular, vessel flute - It is the only surviving example of a Clay (also called "Earth") instrument from the traditional "eight-tone" (bayin) Chinese classification of musical instruments TRADITIONAL CHINESE CLASSIFICATION: Clay--the xun is made of baked clay RELATED INSTRUMENTS: - Ocarina OVERVIEW: The xun is an egg-shaped aerophone, containing at least three finger holes in front and two thumb holes in back. It has a blowing hole on top and can have up to eight smaller finger holes (one for the index, middle, and ring fingers of each hand, and one for each thumb). It is one of the oldest musical instruments in China and has been in use for approximately seven thousand years. ORIGINS: The origin of this unique wind instrument dates back to the Stone Age and has much to do with early Chinese hunting practices. During ancient times, people often tied a stone or mud ball to the rope that was used for hunting wild animals. Some of the balls were hollow, which allowed it make many sounds when thrown. Most people found it enjoyable and learned how to blow air into it. NOTES: - The use of xun in the Chinese history was found mainly in the performance of palace music. - The sound of xun is associated as the symbol of respectable hermits, lady in sorrow, or heroes at the end of their strength, and is considered the best instrument to perform a heartbreaking tone. - The sound of xun is said to represent a particular beauty, which combines loneliness, desolate and elegance
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